Fun activities with kids at home

Let your imagination run free

Spirograph Geometric Ruler Set

Draw anything you like

Durable Material

ECO-Friendly ABS Plastic

Durable, Safe to use

Siprograph Art

Creat Captivating & Amazing Designs

Endless Creativity

Can be incorporate into various crafts


With these ruler patent, you can draw anything with it, let your imagination run free and fly fly away.

🌈 Great For Kids or Adults

Combines the principles of art and mathematics. Helps to encourage creativity and allows kids to experiment and learn practical geometric concepts.


These ruler really help Reduce anxiety and Stress by expressing your thoughts through drawing, painting works with kid or adults.

🌈 Continuous Fun

Everyone can be an artist simply by following the rotation! Entertain your kids for hoursas they can produce new patterns and enhance the design by switching colors and gears.


Spirograph Geometric Ruler Set

Spirograph Geometric Ruler Set


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Perfect for making cards, bookmarks, festive decorations, drawings, installation art, and more! You can keep producing new patterns and enhance the design by switching colors and gears.

The advanced spirograph set features 15 wheels and 4 shaped wheels in all-new unique shapes, as well as 2 rings and 1 rack to create a never-before-seen assortment of spirograph designs. The easiest way to make countless amazing spirographs!

Allows you to create countless amazing spirographs. Creating all of those dizzying and cool drawings can provide hours of fun, as well as training artistic imagination and building geometry intuition. Great for both kids & adults.

Your Questions, Answered.

How to make design from this scale ruler

Put the dice inside the circle with zig zags, chose any hole and put pen or pencil in it. Rotate the pen pencil in clockwise or anti clockwise direction until design is complete.

If it is Unable to put a pen or pencil through it.Please advise how can we use this?

Just use tips of pen or pencil. Whole pencil or pen will not pass through it, only use it’s tip. Make circles holding pencil/pen accordingly.

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